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Oil. your skin naturally produces Sebum (Oil) which acts a lubricant to the skin pores, follicles and hairs so they are soft, this is to prevent your skin drying out and damage. Sebum(oil) starts in your sebaceous glands under the skin and works its way up like a chimney. Dead Skin Cells. You may or may not know, your whole body is constantly shedding skin cells to keep it fresh. The skin cells get pushed up and out by the Sebum (oil) routinely. Out with the old in with the new. Bacteria. This may sound scary but you can not run away from bacteria, it is everywhere including in the desert. Dont worry they cannot harm you and you have natural bacteria living on your face and even on the end of your nose. (I Know you just looked at your nose)

Christmas late night shopping in Cambridgeshire for festive shopping until you dropBecause Christmas shopping in the day isn’t nearly as magicalMake sure your gift stands out from the crowd There are a number of late night shopping events taking place across the county that will give you plenty of time to browse at your own pace and avoid a melt down in the aisles.It’s the perfect place to go and get fully immersed in Christmas, with festive lights and new decorations helping make your shopping experience that bit more twinkly.Disney Store opens its doors in the Grand ArcadeThe Grand Arcade is pushing back its closing time until 8pm from from Monday, December 11 to Saturday, December 30.Customers are allowed in from 9am Monday to Saturday.The only days the shop will open for less hours is on Sundays, when the mall opens from 10.30am to 5pm.Starting from Wednesday, December 6, there will also be a festive choir or band performing Christmas favourites every Wednesday night, as well as Saturdays and Sundays, in the mall.The Grand Arcade in Cambridge will have longer Christmas opening hoursGrafton Centre, Fitzroy Street Over the course of the Christmas period the Grafton Centre will amend its opening hours to accommodate to the last minute Christmas rush.For the most part of December opening hours will remain the same as they do year round 9am 5.30am with late night shopping every Wednesday 9am 8pm.Revealed at last: this is how the Grafton Centre’s new Great Court will lookIn the week running up to Christmas from December 18 23, the shopping centre will open its doors from 9am 8pm every day to allow shoppers to get any last minute bits they need.Beehive Centre, Coldhams Lane Year round the shops at the Beehive Centre are open later than those in the main part of town, which close at 6pm.

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