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cheap Canada Goose 1.28. Goodsunder financial lease. There are two kinds of leases in common usage:financial leases and operating leases. Goods are considered to be underfinancial lease if the lessee assumes the rights, risks, rewards andresponsibilities in relation to the goods and from an economic point of viewcan be considered as the de facto owner. Goods under financial lease shouldbe included in international merchandise trade statistics. An operatinglease is any lease which does not have the above characteristics. Goods underoperating lease should be excluded from international merchandise tradestatistics (see para.1.51 below). In practice, it may be difficult todifferentiate between these two types of leases. Therefore, in some cases, theduration of the lease can be used as an indication of whether the lease is financial(one year or more) or operating (less than one year). These goods are to be included in international merchandisetrade statistics when the general guideline is not applicable or sufficientbased on the change of economic ownership between residents and non residents(includes financial leasing, see para. 1.28 above). In this context, the acquisitionof a ship or aircraft is treated as adding to the material resources of acountry (the reverse also applies).5.57Examples of situations that would normally lead to a lease being classified asa financial lease include that: cheap Canada Goose.

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