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In America, Kumiko seems more bizarre than cute

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Replica Handbags Anyway, the options of being either an OL or a wife aren’t Kumiko’s destiny. She’s a treasure hunter, after all. And she’s just uncovered the best clue of all. A little proactive planning. bye bye Bunzo. plus a bit of unexpected good luck gives Kumiko what she needs to fulfill her destiny. That scene from Fargo is the focal point of Kumiko’s hunt. Speaking almost no English, Kumiko not only gets herself to Fargo but somehow manages to enlist the help of total strangers. At a certain point, we begin to wonder what we are watching. Is it the fulfillment of an improbable fate? Or is she living out the end days of a tragically out of touch individual. While she’s in Japan, her actions seem cute, albeit rather bizarre. In America, Kumiko seems more bizarre than cute. Rinko Kikuchi as Kumiko walks a fine line between reality and fantasy. sanity and insanity. “You take me to Fargo?” she asks everyone. “I’ll take you to the Mall of America. It’s a lot more fun.” Replica Handbags

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