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In March, nine boys, ages 9 15 were killed and a tenth wounded

cheap canada goose There has been increasing tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan toward the NATO forces, most particularly the United States in what they have called an unacceptable number of civilian casualties. In March, nine boys, ages 9 15 were killed and a tenth wounded when NATO forces mistook them for insurgents that had attacked a NATO base a few days before. The survivor, a ten year old boy reported that they had seen the two helicopters flying quite low before they rose into the air and then came back, firing rockets and shooting. That boy was hit by a falling tree limb which shielded him from the soldier’s vision as they methodically shot and killed the others. The boys had been gathering firewood for their families when they were killed. Some of the boys had been left as the head of household, serving as the only breadwinner for poor families that had many children but no one to provide for them.

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