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Several studies suggest that turmeric can prevent the

Such mass mortality has already occurred once in recent history. In 1998, an anomalous temperature increase, likely due to El Nino, bleached corals in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The latter was particularly hit hard, with more than 70 percent of reefs dying near Maldives and the Lakshadweep Islands in the following years. Increased sea temperatures correlated with the amount of bleaching in Pacific reefs3, a finding that resonated with the scientific community. This led to many models using the temperature bleaching connection to predict that rising temperatures would have dire consequences for reef survival around the world.

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canada goose store Also known as “Indian saffron,” turmeric has been used for its healing properties in for centuries: For instance, it’s used in a paste to heal wounds and as a tonic to soothe upset stomachs. (2) But modern scientists have recently turned their attention to the spice, releasing more than 3,000 publications on turmeric’s health benefits over the past 25 years. (2) And for good reason: Researchers have identified a compound in turmeric called curcumin an antioxidant with a telltale yellow color is a powerful disease fighter. Studies have found that turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antiviral properties. It’s also been shown to protect the heart and improve digestion as well as fend off numerous illnesses. (2)One of the most exciting areas of research is the spice’s role in cancer prevention. Several studies suggest that turmeric can prevent the development and slow the growth of certain cancers, including colon, skin, and stomach, in animals exposed to carcinogens. (2, 4) Researchers have found that turmeric and curcumin fights the disease on a number of different levels. In a study published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, scientists analyzed the saliva of people with head and neck cancers before and after they chewed curcumin tablets. They found that the compound suppressed two cell signaling pathways known to stimulate the growth of these cancers. (6) canada goose store.

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