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They identified around 30,000 putative genes, including many

Toutes les cellules vivantes dans le corps contiennent des enzymes, mais elles sont difficiles visualiser, puisqu’ils ne sont pas des choses tangibles. Les enzymes sont une des choses plus importantes dans le corps humain qui font tout allant de nous aider respirer la digestion de la vie.

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canada goose store To tighten their search, the team crossed the two subspecies to make a hybrid pool and then picked out the hybrids that had a strong preference for humans or guinea pigs. Hybridizing the subspecies smoothed out the genetic differences between them, so the human and guinea pig preferring hybrids were separated by differential expression of just 46 genes. canada goose store

canada goose When E. huxleyi die, the coccoliths pull them down to the bottom of the ocean. This can be especially dramatic when a virus sweeps through a huge bloom, killing huge numbers of E. huxleyi and releasing their exoskeletons to sink. The exoskeletons pile atop one another, eventually compressing into chalk; over time, geological processes expose this rock in impressive formations like the famed White Cliffs of Dover or the Chalk Cliffs of R An international team of scientists recently finished sequencing the genome of this amazing microscopic alga. Their findings offer an explanation of how E. huxleyi is able to thrive throughout the Earth’s oceans. The researchers first sequenced the genome of a particular strain of E. huxleyi. They identified around 30,000 putative genes, including many responsible for various biochemical processes, such as carbon and calcium transport and metabolism. They then used high throughput sequencing technologies to have a look at the genomes of thirteen other strains for E. huxleyi from around the world. To their surprise, they found extensive variation between the genomes. While the different strains all share a “core genome”, each seems to supplement that core set with genes suited to its habitat, allowing E. huxleyi to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions canada goose.

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