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What do we do for this? independent countries like jamaica

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Designer Replica Bags It is indeed sad to see the rapid decline in the quality of carribean cricket ; apart from being a set of naturally gifted, flamboyant and highly successful cricketers they were also setting high standards on the cricket fields, with their tough but very sportsmanlike approach (compared to the sledging happy aussies). Important reaons are poor management, lure of other sports, absence of the training ground that cricketers of earlier generations had in the form of english county cricket etc. Now, their own domestic cricket is not of quality and they do not get chance to play in other countries except in T 20 cricket. cricketing world needs carribeans back at their best and as a competitive force. What do we do for this? independent countries like jamaica,barbados etc. should compete independently and not west indies. ICC can also help by roping in somebody like Rahul Dravd to coach these countries who can teach them virtues of technique, patience and innings and team bldg Designer Replica Bags.

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