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So what is the Mandela effect? It is a phenomenon that more and more people are beginning to witness and it is disturbing. has to do with separate time steams, or parallel worlds. But it’s not as cut and dried as that. The effect is named after Nelson Mandela. Many people remember Nelson Mandela dying back in the 1980s during his imprisonment. Yet according to what we know today, he was released from prison, became President of South Africa, and died in 2013.

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cheap Canada Goose The true origin is unknown, but we do have the earliest record in reference to drinking tea comes from China around the tenth century as well as tales dating back thousands of years. A popular tale speaks of Chinese Emperor Shan Nong in 2737 BC. He liked to boil his water before drinking it and legend has it a few dried camellia leaves blew his way and ended up in his cup. He soon noticed the pleasing aroma and took a sip. As he drank he began to feel energized and rejuvenated. The experience pleased him so much he gave a royal decree demanding that these bushes be planted in his palace and continued drinking teas regularly. The tradition spread cheap Canada Goose.

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